A list of available geographic features

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ID Name Other appellations Taxonomy Belongs to Related representations
107 Agia Anna (Gothic church) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Αγία Άννα
Agia Anna
Γοτθικός ναός Αγίας Άννας
Gothic church Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
114 Agia Napa (City) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Αγία Νάπα
Agia Napa
Ayia Napa
City Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
179 Agia Zone (Church) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Αγία Ζώνη
Agia Zone
Church of Agia Zone
Εκκλησία Αγίας Ζώνης
Church Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
46 Agios Epiktitos (Village) in Kerynia (District) Άγιος Επίκτητος
Agios Epiktitos
Village Kerynia (District)
78 Agios Fotios (Peak) in Famagusta (District) Άγιος Φώτιος
Agios Fotios
Ayios Photios
Peak Famagusta (District)
27 Agios Georgios (Church) in Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District) Άγιος Γεώργιος
Agios Georgios
Church Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District)
109 Agios Georgios ton Ellinon (Church) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Άγιος Γεώργιος των Ελλήνων
Agios Georgios ton Ellinon
St. George of the Greeks
Oρθόδοξος ναός του Αγίου Γεωργίου των Ελλήνων
Church of St George of the Greeks
Saint George
Άγιος Γεώργιος
Church Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
150 Agios Georgios (Village) in Kerynia (District) Άγιος Γεώργιος
Agios Georgios
Village Kerynia (District)
8 Agios Ilarion (Castle) in Kerynia (District) Άγιος Ιλαρίων
Agios Ilarion
Κάστρο Αγίου Ιλαρίωνος
Saint Hilarion Castle
Agios Hilarion
Castle Kerynia (District)
153 Agios Ioannis (Church) in Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District) Agios Ioannis
Άγιος Ιωάννης
Church Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District)
119 Agios Lazaros (Church) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) Άγιος Λάζαρος
Agios Lazaros
Ιερός ναός Αγίου Λαζάρου
Church Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District)
172 Agios Loukas (Church) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Agios Loukas
Άγιος Λουκάς
Church Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
15 Agios Savas (Church) in Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District) Άγιος Σάβας
Agios Savas
Ayios Savvas
Άγιος Σάββας
Church Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District)
94 Ancient Mole (Mole) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Ancient Mole
Αρχαίος μώλος
Mole Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
148 Ancient seawall (Fortification structure) in Kerynia (District) Αρχαίο θαλάσσιο τείχος
Ancient seawall
Fortification structure Kerynia (District)
82 Andruzzi (Bastion) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Andruzzi
Bastion Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
178 Apostles Peter and Paul (Church) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) Apostles Peter and Paul
Απόστολοι Πέτρος και Παύλος
Εκκλησία Αποστόλων Πέτρου και Παύλου
Latin Church of Apostles Peter and Paul
Church Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District)
105 Apostolos Andreas (Cape) in Famagusta (District) Apostolos Andreas
Απόστολος Ανδρέας
Cape Famagusta (District)
104 Apostolos Andreas (Monastery) in Famagusta (District) Apostolos Andreas
Απόστολος Ανδρέας
Monastery Famagusta (District)
99 Apostolos Varnavas (Monastery) in Famagusta (District) Apostolos Varnavas
Απόστολος Βαρνάβας
Monastery of Saint Barnabas
Μονή Αποστόλου Βαρνάβα
Apostolos Barnabas Monastery
Monastery Famagusta (District)