A list of geographic objects by taxonomic term: Monastery

A complete list of available geographic features
ID Name Other appellations Taxonomy Belongs to
37 Bella pays (Abbey) in Kerynia (District) Bellapais   Αββαείον του Μπελαπαισίου   Avvaeion tou Belapaisiou   Αβαείο Kerynia (District)
99 Apostolos Varnavas (Monastery) in Famagusta (District) Monastery of Saint Barnabas   Μονή Αποστόλου Βαρνάβα   Apostolos Barnabas Monastery   Μονή Famagusta (District)
104 Apostolos Andreas (Monastery) in Famagusta (District) Μονή Famagusta (District)
173 Stavrovouni (Monastery) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) Μονή Σταυροβουνίου   Stavrovouni Monastery   Μονή Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District)