Object ID SVG ID Sequence number Name Geographic object geographic object id Placename Depicts person Text Location
195 path14 1 Larnaka Medieval Castle Frourion Larnakos (Castle) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) 62 SRID=4326;POINT (33.63769 34.91016)
196 path16 2 Kebir - Buyuk (Great) Mosque (Saint Catherine) Kebir Buyuk Mosque (Mosque) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) 69 SRID=4326;POINT (33.637222 34.910603)
197 path18 3 Inn Inn (Inn) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) 118 SRID=4326;POINT (33.63761 34.91077)
198 path20 4 Jetty
199 path22 5 Customs House
200 path24 6 Customs house jetty
201 path28 7 Τζαμί Ζουχούρι Zoukhouri (Mosque) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) 196 SRID=4326;POINT (33.636086243179705 34.91172665360301)
202 path26 8 Προξενείο
Original title(s) The marina in Larnaca
Given title(s) The marina in Larnaca

Representation of the Marina of Larnaca from the Konak pier in the South-southeast of the city. The point of view of this representation ascribes a variety of characteristic buildings of the coastal site of Larnaca.

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