A list of geographic objects by taxonomic term: Geomorphological Object

A complete list of available geographic features
ID Name Other appellations Taxonomy Belongs to
1 Arnaoutis (Cape) in Pafos (District) Αρναούτι   Ακάμας   Akamas   Ακρωτήρι Αρναούτι   Ακρωτήριο Αρναούτης   Cape Arnaoutis   Cape Pafos (District)
2 Baffa (Cape) in Pafos (District) Ακρωτήριο Πάφου   Cape Baffa   Cape Pafos (District)
3 West coast (Coast) Coast
4 Blanco (Cape) in Limassol (District) Cape Limassol (District)
6 Trypa tou Voynoy (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Peak Kerynia (District)
34 Buffavento (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Voufavento   Βουφαβέντον   Voufaventon   Peak Kerynia (District)
38 Moutti tis Kakoskalas (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Kakoskala peak   Kako Skala   Κακόσκαλα   Peak Kerynia (District)
42 Pentadaktylos (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Beşparmak Dağları   Peak Kerynia (District)
43 Giailas (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Yaila   Γιαηλάς   Peak Kerynia (District)
51 Unnamed (Group of islands) in Kerynia (District) Bραχονησίδες πλησίον της Κερύνειας   Rocky islets near Keryneia city   Group of islands Kerynia (District)
52 Unnamed (Precipice) in Kerynia (District) κρημνός Δυτικά του Chinghen Baghchessi   Chinghen Baghchessi cliff   Precipice Kerynia (District)
53 Aspri Myti (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Peak Kerynia (District)
54 Gata (Cape) in Limassol (District) Κάβο Γάτα   de Gata   Gatta   Cape Limassol (District)
55 Lemessos (Gulf) in Limassol (District) Gulf Limassol (District)
58 Stavrovouni (Mountain) in Larnaca (District) Mountain of the holy cross   Mountain Larnaca (District)
63 Larnaca bay (Gulf) in Larnaca (District) Gulf Larnaca (District)
64 Kiti (Cape) in Larnaca (District) Ακρωτήρι Κίτι   Cape Kiti   Κάβο Κίτι   Cape Larnaca (District)
68 Pyla (Cape) in Larnaca (District) Ακρωτήριο Πύλα   Cape Pyla   Πύλας   Cape Larnaca (District)
72 Kormakitis (Islet) in Kerynia (District) Cormakitis   Νησί του Κορμακίτη   Nisi tou Kormakiti   Islet Kerynia (District)
73 Kormakitis (Cape) in Kerynia (District) Cormakitis   Cape Kerynia (District)
75 Kornos (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Peak Kerynia (District)
78 Agios Fotios (Peak) in Famagusta (District) Ayios Photios   Peak Famagusta (District)
79 Kavallaropetra (Peak) in Famagusta (District) Peak Famagusta (District)
97 Rocky islets at Famagusta port entrance (Group of islands) in Famagusta (District) Group of islands Famagusta (District)
98 Salamina gulf (Gulf) in Famagusta (District) Λούκκος της Σαλαμίνας   Loukkos tis Salaminas   Gulf Famagusta (District)
101 Pamboulos (Peak) in Famagusta (District) Peak Famagusta (District)
102 Galounopetra (Islet) Islet
103 Galounopetra (Cape) in Famagusta (District) Cape Famagusta (District)
105 Apostolos Andreas (Cape) in Famagusta (District) Cape Famagusta (District)
106 Kleides (Group of islands) in Famagusta (District) Klides   Νησιά Κλείδες   Group of islands Famagusta (District)
110 Kavo Gkreko (Cape) in Famagusta (District) Κάβο Γκρέκο   Kavo Gkreko   Greca   Γκρέκα   Grega   Γκρέγκα   Γκρέγκο   Grego   Γκρέκο   Greco   Cape Famagusta (District)
112 Greco (Raised formation) in Famagusta (District) Τραπεζοειδής βραχώδης έξαρση   Table cliff   Raised formation Famagusta (District)
113 Fanos (Hill) in Famagusta (District) Hill Famagusta (District)
121 Profitis Elias (Peak) in Larnaca (District) Peak Larnaca (District)
131 Chrysochou (Gulf) in Pafos (District) Chrysokhou Bay   Κόλπος Χρυσοχούς   Chrysokhou   Gulf Pafos (District)
132 Pomos (Cape) in Pafos (District) Πωμός   Cape Pafos (District)
134 Drepano (Cape) in Pafos (District) Cape Pafos (District)
136 Zevgari (Cape) Cape
140 Machairas (Mountain range) in Nicosia (District) Mountain range Nicosia (District)
143 Ridge of Profitis Ilias – Kionia (Mountain) in Larnaca (District) Mountain Larnaca (District)
145 Kastros (Raised formation) in Famagusta (District) Raised formation Famagusta (District)
159 Onicheia (Peak) in Kerynia (District) Ονισεία   Onisia   Peak Kerynia (District)