A list of geographic objects by taxonomic term: Tower

A complete list of available geographic features
ID Name Other appellations Taxonomy Belongs to
7 Medieval Tower in Nicosia (Tower) in Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District) Tower Nicosia (City) in Nicosia (District)
65 Pirgos tis Rigainas (Tower) in Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District) Tower Larnaka (City) in Larnaca (District)
115 Pyla Tower (Tower) Tower
141 Unnamed (Tower) in Larnaca (District) Πύργος   Tower   Tower Larnaca (District)
146 Port tower (Tower) in Kerynia (District) Tower Kerynia (District)
147 Round Tower (Tower) in Kerynia (District) Tower Kerynia (District)