Object ID SVG ID Sequence number Name Geographic object geographic object id Placename Depicts person Text Location
103 cawWPUeOxM 1 Cape Greco Kavo Gkreko (Cape) in Famagusta (District) 110 SRID=4326;POINT (34.08525 34.9562)
104 a7ByOzyMcE 2 Phanos hill Fanos (Hill) in Famagusta (District) 113 SRID=4326;POINT (34.02994 35.00595)
105 a2lUKSNbB 3 Ayia Napa Agia Napa (City) in Famagusta (City) in Famagusta (District) 114 SRID=4326;POINT (34.00183 34.98213)
106 f1B4hGKl1z 4 Cape Pyla Pyla (Cape) in Larnaca (District) 68 SRID=4326;POINT (33.85799690000003 34.9426054)
107 e7CmaS8IS 5 Tower Unnamed (Tower) in Larnaca (District) 141 SRID=4326;POINT (33.86260000000003 34.94739999999999)
108 awwGIYQ2S 6 Xylofagou windmill Xylophagou (Windmill) in Famagusta (District) 116 SRID=4326;POINT (33.84805400000002 34.975297)
109 d1r1oo9i8W 7 Quarantine station Quarantine station (Quarantine station) in Larnaca (District) 144 SRID=4326;POINT (33.73842 34.98222)
Source identifier Sylvia Ioannou Foundation collection  M.0020
Additional identifier crop8
Original title(s) Hydrographic Office, 1892, London, British Admiralty
Given title(s) Southeastern coastline of Cyprus

This representation pictures a particularly extensive coastal zone in the Southeastern part of the island. Main geomorphological features and scattered evidence of human presence (settlements, typical buildings/landmarks) can be seen.

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Potter J., Kitchener H., Weller E., Wharton W., Graves T., (1892). Southeastern coastline of Cyprus. Source: https://gaia.hua.gr/en/coastal_cyprus/visualrepresentation/17 (Retrieved: 23-05-2024)

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